Looking for a BMX jersey? Order here your unique MVD jersey!
Looking for a BMX jersey? Order here your unique MVD jersey!
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BMX Jerseys

BMX jerseys by MVD Racewear enhance your sports performances and are extremely comfortable. These jerseys have a great fit and are made by durable materials. A MVD BMX jersey is well suited for extreme circumstances during a race or training. Moreover, these jerseys are functionally designed. They are moisture wicking, lightweight and have great breathable abilities! 

MVD BMX shirt are fabricated by a quick drying lightweight Polyester with Cooldry technology. This especially designed Cooldry fibre absorbs transpiration and is able to release it to the air. This is how your body can get rid of excess heat while it still remains to feels dry. The special openings between the fibres offer cooling ventilation, so you can always stay your ‘cool’ self.

The MVD BMX shirt are made using a sublimation technique; the ink is heated and enclosed in the polyester fabric. After cooling, the ink is locked in the Polyester fabric and the colours have become part of the fabric. This technique results in durable jerseys that will not easily fade or lose colour.

Personalized MVD BMX jersey:

Next to a collection of regular BMX bike jerseys, we print jerseys for individual riders, clubs and teams. We customize a design digitally and use your unique colours, sponsor logo, name and back number. A personalized jersey can be ordered from 1 piece! Are you eager to see what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

KNWU National BMX jersey:

Especially for Dutch participants at the WK, EK or the Olympics, we have a personalized KNWU national racing jersey that meets the requirements of the UCI, UEC and IOC. MVD Racewear is licensed by the KNWU to print these jerseys on request. The KNWU national BMX racing jerseys is personalized by MVD with rider name, sponsor logos and (optional) back number.

MVD BMX jersey specs:

  • Sublimation print for vibrant and durable colours. Unlimited possibilities in design
  • Extremely durable, because colours do not fade
  • Lightweight Polyester fabric using CoolDry technology, moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Unique Polyester fibre for better ventilation and comfort
  • Available in regular-fit en slim-fit, for extra flexibility and comfort
  • Personalized KNWU BMX jersey on request, meets demands from UCI, UEC and IOC
  • Personalization on request, with name, back number and logo
  • Completes your MVD BMX outfit
  • Can be ordered in various colours and designs
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