MVD Racewear was founded in 2007 by motorsport legend Marcel van Drunen. Marcel is an all-round sportsman that has great experience in and thorough knowledge of MX, Supermoto and BMX.


Marcel starts his career in bicycle motocross when he is 4-year old boy. He is very skilful in motocross and it doesn’t take long before he rides his own races. At that time, Marcel’s father was a motocross race fanatic, which sparks Marcel’s interest in motorbikes. His world changes when his parents give him his own bike when he is only six years of age. From this moment on, Marcel no longer cares about his bicycle anymore, he only has eye for his motorbike.

Like so many young talents, he dreams of a resplendent career as a professional motocross racer. At this time, he is still in school, but reluctantly; as he would much rather spend time on the circuit riding his motorbike. When he turned 16 and finished high school, Marcel was certain about making this sport his profession. The world of cross had already noticed his talent. He signs his first professional contract when he is 18 years old.

The start of a great and unforgettable period for Marcel. From that moment on, he travels the world. Together with his father, who works as his mechanic and is his biggest fan. He wins respect in the MX world and comes out for top teams as Venko Honda, Chesterfield Suzuki, Yamaha Kurz, Honda Sarholz and JM racing team. In his entire motocross career, Marcel races more than 140 GP MX. His best result is 6th place in the overall rankings 125cc in 1991. Later, he will be the winner of the German national championships (1996,1998,1999), Supercross Champion (1996) and Dutch Champion (2001).

In 2004, Marcel ends his MX career to make his comeback in the Supermoto world. From the early beginning, Marcel is the fastest rider in the race. After the very first season, he gets to call himself European and Dutch champion. What a great start! The following years, Marcel defends the Dutch title another 7 times, making a total of eight Dutch Championship Supermoto titles.

In the year 2006 Marcel faces the ultimate challenge: he participates in the toughest motor rally in the world: Le Dakar. Despite several setbacks, he fights his way back from place 202 and finishes 48th in the Senegal capital Dakar. An incredible achievement!

When Marcel takes the step from motocross to Supermoto, he notices that the usual one-piece leather is quite an uncomfortable fit. In his motocross career, he was used to move freely in his lightweight clothing. But this rigid race suit made it difficult to perform. It took away his agility and felt like a heavy weight on his shoulders. On top of it all, the suit was incredibly hot!

Unhappy with his suit, he decides to make his own revolutionary two piece Supermoto suit, which combines the comfort of motocross clothing with the protection of a traditional leather overall. Other riders immediately want to know where he gets this suit and this leads to the development of his own Supermoto clothing: MVD Racewear. Specifically designed for Supermoto sports, but naturally suited for every other motor racer that enjoys flexible, easy-to-wear and stylish Moto gear.

Today, Marcel still works in his small family business creating innovative sportswear, developing the best comfort and the best protection at affordable prices. His experience and expertise are vital to create this extensive range of moto gear.

MVD is for sale in more than 30 countries and has become a respected brand in the Supermoto, MX and BMX world.

MVD Racewear | the Champion’s choice: you will love it!

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