MVD Racewear - The Champion’s choice

You drive a motorcycle, as a professional or just for fun. You have got a kick-ass motorcycle and you look like you have got it all under control. But, during your drives you start to feel warm. Your moto gear is not comfortable at all and you are having trouble moving around.

You are a BMX fanatic. You enjoy participating in competitions. But part of you feels like you might do things differently. Your cross gear is okay, but the fit is not 100% comfortable. You can feel it when you move. You are actually looking for something that is more suitable for a BMX sports rider. Clothing that protects your body, but is made specifically for your sport.

MVD Racewear: comfortable, flexible and stylish sportswear developed by champion Marcel van Drunen. Lightweight and durable material made to perform. The Champion’s choice, you will love it! Take a look at our range of Supermoto gearMX gear and BMX gear.

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