BMX Gear

BMX Gear by MVD Racewear enables you to increase your performance on your bike with BMX racing gear specifically developed for BMX racing. Our team, led by Supermoto champion Marcel van Drunen, carefully considered the demands of the current BMX top in the design of their BMX racing gear.

This analysis has led to using the latest technologies and innovative materials in our high-quality bmx apparel. Fully adjusted to the BMX racer, resulting in more fun and enhanced performance. We call it ‘Athletic Intelligence’, and you as a BMX rider can reap the benefits!

BMX gear: drag reducing

BMX racing gear used to be quite limited for a BMX rider, as it had no other option besides traditional BMX riding gear: safe but also disproportionately heavy and sturdy for your sport. That holds you back on your bike and compromises your sense of joy and performances on the track.

As a BMX rider, you need flexibility. BMX clothing that reduces drag and is puncture resistant without holding you back. BMX gear by MVD its’ new generation features all these elements. So you feel comfortable, responsive and well protected while competing for the lead.
Isn’t that what it is all about!?

BMX gear: do not let it distract you!

Real BMX racing gear is different to BMX race clothing in another area too. Choosing the real BMX outfit by MVD, means choosing a slim and fully adjusted fit with a superior comfort in riding. Whenever you ride, you will hardly feel any gear, resulting in high-level performances.

The unique ultra light, flexible and moisture-wicking materials will make you feel less drag, enabling you to ride faster. It also enhances your performance, but you will experience this soon enough.

Our BMX protective gear is loved because it enables you to move freely in the heat of the moment. Are you convinced? Feel free to look around, because we have equipped our gear with cool looks. Your freedom is unlimited!

MVD BMX gear has a number of pros:

  • Speed: lightweight, resulting in reduced aerodynamic drag
  • Comfort: innovative design, developed for BMX riding
  • Freedom: by use of flexible materials
  • Focus: no distraction by annoying gear
  • Innovative: for quick responses and better performances in sports
  • Cool: because your gear can look good to
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