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BMX gloves

BMX gloves by MVD Racewear are comfortable and fully adjust to your hands. They are extremely light and feel like a second skin. This increases flexibility and your freedom of movement. The sublime 4-way stretch on the outside of the hand enhances ventilation so your hands stay cool.

Less risky, more safety

In the heat of the moment, you need to count on your grip and hand protection for a full 100%. One wrong steering movement and you might get behind, desperate to catch up again! Our bike gloves always provide your hands with a good grip and enable you to have complete control over your steering, while knowing that your hands have full protection in case of any troubles.

BMX gloves support your steering technique

But these BMX cross gloves do not only look good and feel safe. We have enriched them with a number of smart elements that support you even more: our experienced test drivers greatly appreciated these details.

The palm of the hand is made with a single layer of Clarino that results in a superior feel and grip. The inner side of your thumb is made of a double layer of longlasting Clarino. As you can see, we have thought this through. We have considered every detail, focusing on every second of competitive advantage.

Innovative design

Another new aspect is the silicone print on the palm. This enables you to have a stronger grip on the handles, while the silicone print on the fingertips provides additional control of the handlebar. Simultaneously, the flex-elements on top of the fingers are slightly curved, increasing the grip of your hands on the steer. After all, you have other thing to worry about in the heat of battle, right?

Because we think appearance matters too, our BMX bike gloves come in multiple designs and colours matching your outfit.

MVD BMX gloves Specs:

  • Comfortable, feels like a second skin
  • Focus, Clarino palm for superior control
  • Grip, silicone print enhances your grip
  • Cool, by moisture-wicking elements
  • Movement, light for an effective wrist movement
  • Long-lasting, double safety stitch seams
  • Ergonomic, flex elements for better curving
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