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BMX pants

BMX pants by MVD Racewear are the next generation bike pants, specifically developed for BMX racing. Our BMX athletes were the core inspiration for this design. The result? BMX trousers by MVD Racewear are high-quality, ultra light, flexible, and barely noticeable, thereby boosting your sportive performance!

When you take a close look, you instantly see that our BMX trousers have been designed using our own experience. The stretch mesh combination results in a higher pedalling efficiency. For top athletes, every single second, or even a tenth of a second, counts! But a sporty rider will notice the difference in endurance, comfort and freedom of movement.

Moreover, the strategically placed air ventilation zones provide for optimal air circulation alongside your legs, keeping you cool in all circumstances.

BMX pants by MVD: the unsurpassed riding comfort

Our innovative bike pants have an unsurpassed riding comfort. This has partly to do with the athletic slim fit design and the ultra light and flexible polyester. It reduces drag, resulting in a better pedalling efficiency. Imagine what you might be able to achieve when your bike clothing no longer limits your movements!

At MVD, we also like to keep it real. A crash is just around the corner and protection is much needed. We have used a double safety stitch technique for the seams and extra strong nylon yarn. Moreover, we place extreme focus on producing these elements and putting them together carefully. Our fastenings are made of only the finest materials, such as YKK zippers, Brass buttons and professional quality Velcro with a high adhesion and wear-resistant. After all, we are moto sport professionals! The superior durability of all fabrics used enable you to wear your MVD bike pants safely! All you need to do now is win the race.

MVD BMX pants specs:

  • Comfortable: athletic slim fit
  • Wear-resistant double woven nylon and polyesters
  • Safe: 3 double safety stitch seams
  • Best closure: original ykk zippers
  • Flexible: 2-way stretch poly spandex
  • Grip: silicone waistband
  • Comfort: comfortable mesh inside
  • Cool: moisture-wicking zones
  • Adjustable: double hip waistband
  • Available in several colours and designs
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