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Supermoto gloves

Supermoto gloves from MVD racewear protect your hands every time you get on your bike. Because when you crash unexpectedly, you will most likely go down hands first and your hands will take most of the impact. At that time, good moto gloves will make the difference. But that’s not all! In acute emergency situations you can prevent a crash by a swift steering correction. In this type of situation, you must be able to trust the grip on your wheel for a full 100 percent, meaning you have to rely on your moto gloves.

Supermoto gloves that are extra short

Supermotard gloves made by MVD are shorter than most sporty leather moto gloves. You will be amazed by the effect this has on your wrist movement. When push comes to shove, there is nothing more annoying than a moto glove holding you back in your steering. The outer wrist area is fully protected by the lengthened leather cuff, as it comes equipped with extensive foam padding. The cuffs have a solid Velcro zipper for a safe fastening around your wrists.

Our gloves are made of supple and soft goat leather. This leather is durable, wear-resistance and moisture wicking. Multiple layers of leather ensure extra high wear-resistance and grip in fragile areas. The safety stitch seams have been made with a safety stitch technique that ensures your gloves to stay extra firm in these places, just in case you slide over asphalt. Moreover, the outer side of the thumb is reinforced with extra foam padding and special knuckle pads protect your knuckles and metacarpals.

Less tired hands

This may sound over the top, but even our gloves are made with moisture wicking ventilation pads to keep your hands cool. The flexible leather panels are preformed, to help your hands hold your handlebar without tiring quickly. Experienced riders will appreciate these kinds of details!

Naturally, our Super moto gloves are available in several sizes and colours to match the rest of your outfit.

MVD Supermoto gloves specs:

  • Additional protection and grip
  • Short model for excellent wrist movement
  • Extra foam padding for wrist protection
  • Velcro fastening for a perfect fit around the wrist
  • Made of high-quality full-grain goat leather
  • High wear-resistance, therefore durable
  • Excellent moisture-wicking abilities
  • Double safety seam stitches
  • Long wearing PU knuckle protection
  • Perforated fingers and protectors
  • Flex-accordion panels improve flexibility
  • Preformed fingers result in less tired hands
  • Several colours available
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