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Supermoto pants

Supermoto pants from MVD Racewear are known to be extremely comfortable and enhance your driving performance. But this is not the only reason you should ride wearing these trousers. Safety, a cool design and unsurpassed comfort are excellent excuses to treat your self to MVD Supermoto trousers.

MVD Supermoto pants are designed based on the most essential elements of a mx pants: comfort, functionality and looks. We have used these three characteristics and combined them with the protection qualities of traditional race leathers. The result? Unique Supermotard trousers that balance fashion, protection and agility in the best way possible! Where normal rigid leather moto trousers are preformed for a squatted race position, the MVD Supermoto trousers have a more spacious fit. It is comfortable and has excellent agility, it is therefore the ideal leather moto trousers to win a race with, you will see! For the creative naked-bike or sportive circuit racer these MVD Supermotard trousers are a joy to ride in as well. The cool designs make you stand out from the crowd. You will not be able to drive around without getting noticed!

Supermoto Pants for years of driving pleasure

Leather clothing is fully wear resistant and therefore is the best to protect you on your motor. All of our leather motorcycle pants are made of premium quality full-grain cowhide. This leather is made of the top layer of the cow skin. It is extremely tough and offers natural protection against dirt and wear. We have polished, tightened and eased the leather and thoroughly dyed it with aniline pigments. This means your clothing will maintain its colour, even when it is slightly damaged. Naturally, your materials cannot stay brand new, but it will certainly look more than decent for years of driving pleasure to come. Naturally, these pants are available in several colours.

All our Supermoto trousers have a strengthened seat area with a double leather protection layer. This offers a greater wear resistance and prevents the stich seams from tearing in the seat area. All stitch seams are double stitched using a special safety stitch technique. This ensures your pants will stay intact even if you make a highsider at high speeds.

Our trousers are designed keeping our own experience in mind. We have made sure they have extra knee space, so you can decide whether you want to drive with or without knee braces. Moreover, it is quite a downer if the sun is shining and you feel like you are being grilled in your own suit. That is why our unique air-knee vents combined with strategically perforated parts enable excellent air ventilation alongside the legs. This literally and figuratively keeps you cool.

Kevlar stretch and Cordura has been strategically placed for more comfort and agility. The high melting point and wear resistance qualities of these fabrics are perfect and safe to combine with leather.

One last point of attention: all biker leather pants from our collection have a connection zipper. You may upgrade your own protection, as you are able to connect your trousers to your Supermoto jacket with a full one-piece leathers as a result. But that zipper does compromise your freedom of movement. In order to prevent that from happening, you can tuck your moto jacket flap into your trousers. Thereby, you will be just as well protected, while maintaining your freedom.

Specs MVD Supermoto pants:

  • Made of first-class full-grain cowhide
  • High wear and tear resistance, durable
  • Double safety stitch seams
  • Extra strengthened double layer seat area
  • Unique air-knee vents
  • Mesh on front and backside
  • Foam padding on the hip for extra crash protection
  • Double waistband
  • Connection zipper
  • Compatible with knee braces
  • For sporty and recreational use
  • Available in multiple colours
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