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Supermoto suits

Supermoto suits by MVD are now available as one-piece race suits. Perfect for recreation, but most definitely for use in race sports. To participate in the S1 Supermotard championship and for racing on a great number of European circuits, you are still obliged to wear a one-piece leather race suit. Therefore you are at the mercy of the traditional leather leathers, originally developed for the lying down position you need in road racing. A huge disadvantage of these heavy traditional race suits is the uncomfortable fit, while Supermotard requires your full agility and freedom of movement. Not only does your performance suffer, your racing pleasure is also put to the test. Luckily, we found the solution!

MVD Supermoto suits increase your agility

Opposed to road racing, where your body is in a lying-down position at high speeds, Supermoto provides for a more active racing style. Simultaneously, your speeds are remarkably lower, giving you more need for good ventilation. Moreover, you want to move freely yet be well protected. The Supermoto leather suit from MVD has these qualities and makes you far more agile. Experience the difference with your old racing overall!

Developed together with top riders

The MVD Super moto one-piece leathers is specifically developed for Supermotard and is a direct consequence of our knowhow of this sport. This knowledge, along with the feedback we received from top riders like Bernd Hiemer, Devon Vermeulen and Markus Volz was the foundation of the design of the Supermoto suit. We mostly considered the weight, fit and ventilation. Most of the unique qualities from our 2 piece motorcycle suits are also incorporated in the design of the one-piece suits. We call it ‘Athletic Intelligence’!

The innovative leather and fabric design with strategically perforated areas, along with the unique air-knee ventilation system, ensures maximum cooling of your entire body. You won’t be getting overheated anymore, not even at low speeds and when you make regular stops to consult during your training.

Because of the anatomic design of the extra spacious knee components, your knees can bend freely. Moreover, we created space for you to wear a knee brace, if you prefer, for extra protection underneath your suit.

What about the weight? Traditional race suits are quite a heavy burden on your shoulders. Because of switching between standing positions and seated moments in Supermoto, this will make you fatigue more rapidly. Your focus will suffer. A piece of technical ingenuity that will solve your problems is the adjustable waistband. This puts the centre of gravity on your hips, not your shoulders. By combining leather with fabric, the suit is not only much more lightweight than traditional leather overalls; it also feels like an extra bit of freedom. Now all you need to worry about is the race you’re riding!

Naturally, this MVD Supermotard suit also comes with complete protection, such as integrated ergonomically designed shoulder and elbow protection, integrated kidney belt, internal and removable back protector and foam padding on the hips. Our motor leathers are made of 1.2mm full grain supple cowhide, and all seams are sewn with a double safety stich. Extremely durable, so even in an awkward manoeuvre you are well protected.

An MVD Supermoto suit is the ideal Supermoto leather motor suit to win the race! Are you ready to exceed yourself?

MVD Supermoto suits specs:

  • Made from top-quality full grain cowhide for extreme wear resistance
  • Released with a double safety stitch for maximum durability
  • Innovative design enables the best air flow
  • With unique air-knee ventilation
  • Combine with matching Supermoto bib
  • Anatomic knee components for wearing a knee brace
  • Ergonomically designed neoprene for optimal flexibility
  • Integrated kidney belt
  • Removable back protector, optionally replaceable by CE-level2 protector
  • Shoulder, elbow and hip protection
  • Double adjustable waistband, moves the centre of gravity to your hips
  • Available in multiple colours
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