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SX-Classic Supermoto gloves by MVD are short and sporty motorcycle gloves that do not compromise your steering technique and yet fully protects your hands. The MVD classic is the most popular model of all our motorbike gloves for a reason.

SX-Classic: a short Supermoto glove!

The short fit of this glove has an amazing effect on your wrist movement and provides a better control over your steering technique. The outer wrist area is protected by lengthened leather cuffs and equipped with high-quality foam cushioning. The solid Velcro ® wrist fastener enables a safe fastening around your wrists. The integrated leather accordion stretch-inserts result in a better manoeuvrability of your fingers. As a result, your hands will feel les tired and these leather motorcycle gloves fit your steer superbly.

The Classic Supermoto gloves are very tear-resistant as they are made by high-quality, supple and soft goat leather. Moreover, this motorbike glove offers you essential protection thanks to the multiple layers of leather, multiple stitch seams for a maximum tear-resistance, foaming cushion on several areas and PU knuckle pads to protect your knuckles and the metacarpal.

Were you looking for a high-quality glove that protects your hands and improves your flexibility? You have come to the right place at MVD Racewear.

SX-Classic Supermoto gloves specs:

  • Short fit for a supple wrist movement
  • Leather cuff with foaming cushion to protect the outer wrist area
  • Integrated leather accordion stretch insert, for a better manoeuvrability and agility
  • Made from durable high-quality full-grain goat leather, for a high wear-resistance
  • Velcro ® fastening for a tight fit around the wrist
  • Perforated fingers and air-vented protectors
  • Pre-shaped fingers to prevent tired hands
  • Integrated foam protection
  • Wear-resistant PU knuckle protection
  •  Smart perforation for maximum cooling
  • Multiple stitch seams for a maximum tear-resistance
  • Comfortable fit for a flexible racing posture
  • For Supermotard, Sporty and Naked-bike riders
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