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The SX-Pro 2 Supermoto glove is MVD's latest high-end motorcycle glove, which is developed with the latest technological innovations from S1 Supermoto GP. The best just got better! It offers the perfect mix between grip, protection and comfort. The SX-Pro 2 is therefore the ultimate motorbike glove to increase your top performance on the track. But these top-quality leather motorcycle gloves are also highly appreciated by the motorcyclists on the road.

SX-Pro 2 Supermoto gloves impact protection

As a motorcycle racer, your hands are very vulnerable. If a crash occurs, you tend to stretch out your hands first. At these moments, you must be able to rely on high-quality protective motorcycle gloves. Once this happens, good gloves do make a difference! Good impact protection and a firm grip are essential in necessary protection.

The SX-Pro 2 is such a glove. The SX-Pro 2 is made of the very best materials. Thanks to the hard PU knuckle pads with air inlet, your knuckles and metacarpals are optimally protected in the event of a fall. The outside parts of the thumb and palm are reinforced with integrated damping foam protection. The fragile parts of the hand are protected with multiple layers of leather and multiple stitched seams for maximum tear resistance.

SX-Pro 2: The motorcycle gloves with unprecedented wrist movement

Steer the wheel with all your senses. The SX-Pro is a short and sportive Supermoto glove. The short model allows you to experience unparalleled easy wrist movement while driving. The outer wrist area is optimally protected by the extended cuff. In addition, the cuff is provided with a damping foam technology. The SX-Pro 2 offers the best possible protection and control, without losing any flexibility!

SX-Pro 2 Supermoto glove with superior fit

For us it is perfectly clear: the SX-Pro 2 has a superior fit and comfort! The pre-formed finger fit is equipped with flexible accordion stretched panels. This gives this motorcycle glove a good and firm grip and make your hands feel less tired. Stretch-mesh material between the fingers allow air to flow freely through the glove, giving you more flexibility. SX-Pro 2 Supermoto glove fits perfectly around your hands. The high grip Velcro on the leather assures you a perfect and tight closure around your wrists.

Specifications SX-Pro 2 Supermoto gloves:

  • Short, sports motorbike glove with a comfortable fit for effective wrist movement
  • Developed for track racing, but these gloves are also perfect for riders of naked bikes
  • sportive motorbikes and touring motorbikes
  • Made of sustainable and wear-resistant material for top performance
  • Outside cuff with cushioning foam technology
  • Velcro® with perfect grip for a good fit around the wrist
  • First-class full-grain cow leather for high wear resistance
  • Stretch-mesh material between fingers for better air circulation and improved flexibility
  • Ergonomic wrist protection
  • Wear protection and ventilated PU-knuckle protection with carbon look
  • Multiply stitched seams for maximum tear resistance
  • Pre-formed finger fit, equipped with flexible accordion stretched panels
  • Beautifully designed TPR details and printed logo
  • Well designed perforation of leather panels for maximum cooling capacity
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